Candidates apply online within the specified date range. Applications are made at You can reach this address directly by clicking the “ONLINE APPLICATION” button on our home page. After entering personal information, the following documents should be uploaded to the document upload section:

1. The original of the diploma
2. Translation of the diploma by a sworn translator (must be notarized)
3. Originals of transcript(s) covering all high school education
4. Translation of transcript(s) made by a sworn translator (must be notarized)
5. Identity information page in the passport (Blue card holders must upload their blue cards, Turkish citizens must upload their identity cards.)
6. Equivalency certificate, if any
7. Exam result document


    After the required documents are uploaded, the candidate can choose up to 5 programmes. After completing the application, a message Your application has been received will be sent to the e-mail address provided. For this reason, it is important to provide the candidate’s own, up-to-date e-mail information. Please also read the directive for the application requirements.